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Occupy New Haven – 3rd Caravan stop

June 28th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in New Haven

Big thank you to United Church on the Greens for allowing and providing parking and electricity to the Occupy “V”. The experience was so awesome. All the great people we met. All the media attention and especially to the folks that stopped to ask questions and became part of occupy through osmosis! That’s what we do….we educate so everyone knows Occupy is ALIVE and will hit like a tsunami soon! For the icecream from Ben & Jerry’s to the wonderful meals both prepared on site and food donated we truly thank you. And for the sleeping accommodations you provided and the facilities for meetings. To those people we met (Irving, Gene and all who stopped to find out more) who plan to stay in touch, keep connected and help bring this movement to the mainstream folks who may not “get it” quite yet. We unite for the common people!

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