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June 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Kennebunkport

June 22 – We arrived and are now occupying the very long driveway of Laurie in Kennebunkport. This is an amazing property with so much character and feeling of love and warmth. From the beautiful gardens surrounding the house to that awesome barn/workshop/recreation area we feel right at home. The occupiers have made us feel very welcome here and helped us out with electricity as soon as we arrived. Their GA was just ending and all were gathered around the circle area. The usual …WOW that’s so cool….when they saw the “V” for the first time.

In the evening we watched a beautifully done documentary that illuminated the issue around mountain top removal (coal mining) and fracking which is being done on a major scale as it is in other areas. But, the folks here are putting up a big fight against BIG CORP and their BIG money to keep the natural resources free for all and to limit, if not stop, these two (fracking and MTR) from destroying their beautiful land. The documentary was done by Nathan and others from “New School” here in Kennebunkport. A school that gives me goosebumps because it’s what I had visioned since leaving U.C. Davis area where we talked about “Occupying Schools” and changing our education system. Well, the folks here have done exactly that and this school teaches about current events and practices educating students by “critical thinking” yes, that’s critical thinking….something we don’t see much of in other schools. The kids are taught to think about the environment and all the elements that help or destroy it. This group, with the support and help from their amazing principal Marylyn Wentworth ( a mentor and model of what a teacher should be. Everyone should know about this school and the great work they are doing.

Once I have a copy or link to the documentary (a couple minor changes still need to be done) I have their permission to share the movie with all of you. I especially want the people of Kalamazoo to see it, since they were doing major protesting of “Mountain Top Removal” in Michigan. A roaring fire ended this perfect evening.

June 23 – We started the day with a wonderful blueberry pancake & scramble egg breakfast served with fruit and coffee. Dick, Jen, Laurie and others were cooking up a storm and ensuring everyone was well fed. Folks were pitching in to make sure all had a break from duties. Then later we gathered round the perfect circle setting for sustainability and community gardens/food teach in. It was very engaging and the extremely important message…that WE all occupy some land and grow food where ever that might be. They want the cities to do more and encourage green energy and gro-ops. Like many other occupies Kennebunkport is serious about their food and their community. In the afternoon I interviewed to find out more about the Occupy and things they were doing specifically that compared to other occupies across the Country. Just before dinner Dick drove a couple of us to the local seafood vendor to purchase some clams for a clam bake and then decided to treat us OTR to some local fresh Maine lobster! I did another interview of Heather who showed up in a funky biodiesel bus. Then put up some pictures before heading to dinner to find Tony, apparently a lobster virgin elbow deep in melted butter. The night was topped off by a really fun GA which they asked me to facilitate and probably regret! It was the first ever brainstorm at lightening speed to come up with a name for their NATGAT banner! Happy to report, as a facilitator virgin, I think it worked out and no one got hurt.

June 24 – We headed to the streets and made some noise. Oh boy, did we make noise. We educated the fine people of Kennebunkport. We know this town must have loved having the “V” because the police gave us a personal escort and then I do believe HomeLand Security (we know that was you in the unmarked SUV) even wanted a peak at the “v”. Music blazing and always on the move and making no illegal anything we managed to get through town, had out flyers and play some anarchy music. I think it fits in quite nicely with the ocean view!

June 25 – After a very busy and fun Occupy Summer Camp weekend we ended the last day at Laurie’s around her kitchen table forming a “solutions” workgroup (made up as we went with those who stayed around or happened to appear). All that were there, came up with some awesome ideas as we brainstormed the weekend and the issues we wanted to dissect and understand better. One topic….how Occupy has failed in some regard in areas of importance and what we could do as a collective group to help others who struggle with the same issues. We had a very diverse group of young and old, all of whom had various viewpoints. In the end we saw what true democracy looks like. The outcome was astounding. That we could listen, give constructive criticism, remain focused on the issues and still leave as friends. We realized that many of the occupations were finding themselves in the same precarious positions. Examples were, facebook being highjacked, websites being tightly controlled, finances being controlled too tight, going missing, or not set up at all, theft in the camps or even people’s homes, dealing with finding new surroundings were people could still come together and bring theis ideas and grow. Finding solutions to various issues was instrumental in being able to take our “occupations” to the next level. We wondered how we could improve and be better prepared for improving or even running a government if it came to that? If we see the same issues we despise or find debilitating in our own movement how do we ask for a better government? We have to be the change we want and we all agreed that we are not there yet. Is the powerful force of money and greed so strong that even the honest and ethical are tempted when faced with the moral issue of doing what’s right? We plan to take this to Philly for further analysis!

All of a sudden it was 7 pm so our plans to head to Portland….um not so good! Sorry Jen, that 2pm meet up…not so great. But, we know you still love us!

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