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Occupy Hartford, CT

June 28th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Hartford | Occupy Camps

We arrived to our 3rd Caravan destination just around noon and were so disappointed that the pool was “children only” so no occupying the pool for us on this very hot day! Apparently just acting like a kid doesn’t count. What can we say except “man those Hartford folks are great”! They provided the Occupy Caravan with an awesome outdoor lunch and great company. We had some time to share some stories. We passed around the Bradley Manning petition sheets and others did for their causes. We’d like to thank Nancy and all the people at Harford who made such a great meal and gave us a warm welcome. Added to that your generous donations We took on two more occupiers headed to Philly …..welcome Miles and Mario. We’re now on our way to New Haven.

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