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June 4th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Detroit

June 4th

We spent a couple more days in Detroit on our way back from Kalamazoo. The team here are awesome. They ran power to the “V” which was parked on the adjacent lot. They have a beautiful garden on the property which is owned by the Grocer across the road. We had a bonfire at night and got to know a little about Detroit.

From the time we arrived, John and Joe (owners of Gigante-grocery store) were absolutely supportive and told us we could park on the empty lot or in their grocery parking lot. We got really good service too. I’m in admiration of the things that are going well in Detroit. Some very dedicated and hard working people take care of things at 5900 Michigan Ave. where Occupy was invited as a tenant in lieu of fixing things. They have done an amazing job. Repairs and building are all being volunteered. Our hats go off to Detroit for making a difference in their community.

June 5th

Today we visited Heidelberg Project where love it or hate it….it is a work of ART! You can check it out here on their website:
We also met Stuart from Hygrade Deli who made some awesome cornbeef sandwiches just like a true New York deli. Big shout out to them and for being in business for over 60 years (passed down from his father).

Finished up the evening with the Occupiers in Grand Circus Park downtown for their GA. It was very nice to see so many come out particularly to see us! And then to have a donation for fuel on top was very generous. We hope we have given you as much as you have shared with us. We thank you for allowing us to be part of your meeting and giving a little presentation on what OTR does.

June 6th

Today we visited a street in Detroit where people have come together to fix up homes and occupy the neighborhood. Detroit as an abundance of empty homes. Some blocks are all boarded up homes. We’re so happy to see them come together to make living there a better place. From the bike shop to the gardens we were so impressed. Way to go Detroit for making lemonade from your lemons!!

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