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June 14th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Buffalo | Occupy Camps

June 16th.

Tried to get into the Juneteenth Parade. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting kicked out of the Juneteenth Parade on MLK! Not once but twice. We broke through the police tape and squeezed in front of a bunch of motorcycles. But, wasn’t long before we got corralled and sent off the path. “They” didn’t like our message? Or our chant…”Education is a right, not just for the Rich & White”? Actually the cop was really nice until the 2nd one came along and told her we weren’t registered to be in the parade, so they made us turn right….right out of the park! So we swung around and went to the Back of the Parade where after a few blocks we got corralled again….this time they threatened to give us a ticket and impound the “V” if we didn’t leave. Ah, where have we heard that before? It was exhilarating! Then we occupied the Dollar Store parking lot and took pictures of the “tank”. That’s SWAT tank…the same one that evicted the Occupiers from their camp on Feb. 3rd. Sam remembered it all too well!

June 15th

Buffalo really has the support of its people. That was obvious when after we rolled through the streets, playing music, honking, shouting, passing out flyers and educating the masses. The support was astounding! Buffalo really gets it! I suppose it’s because they have been dealing with economic hardships since the 90’s. It was an amazing day. Our hats go off to Buffalo for all the love and support they showed us inside and outside the occupation! This city really ROCKS!

June 14th,

Entered the great city of Buffalo around 9 p.m. and rolled up to the Occu-House which is amazing and where we were greeted by anxious occupiers who knew of, but hadn’t see the “V”. Of course they loved it. We hosted the group that were charged for assembling (that’s right assembling without a permit) and who had just had all charges dropped in the Syracuse court. They didn’t get back to Buffalo until after midnight. The story was both compelling and outrageous. 15 people charged with assembling without a permit! Unconstitutional indeed. We can’t help but wonder what the world is coming to with these absurd arrest that continue to perpetuate across the County. Get ready for lawsuits Syracuse!

It’s now midnight and I just left a really cool group at the campfire so I can answer a few emails and see what’s been happening before calling it a night (too few hours of sleep the last couple nights). It’s amazing how smart these occupiers are. And after being in so many towns you’d think I’d stop being surprised but it’s always enlightening. The real exciting part of being part of the movement is that we get to surround ourselves with people who really know what’s going on. We actually have intelligent conversations about real issues affecting real people. The conversations that What I find even more amazing is that not everyone gets it! Why isn’t everyone outraged at the amount of money in politics? Why isn’t everyone outraged at the amount of fracking going on? Why isn’t…..well the list just keeps on going. Healthcare, high doses of nuclear radiation, education systems falling apart? corrupt politicians? police violence? Yet, the majority of people don’t know and/or don’t want to know what’s going on because it’s easier to hide your head in the sand? Can you imagine the kinds of conversations we could have if only America would engage! We have the ability to make a significant change so we can get our democracy working for the people. Yet, the police & governments see the occupation as a threat instead of what it really is ……a movement of like minded people who see America slipping off the rails. We get it. We know that what we have now is not sustainable. But until the sleepy ones awaken and stand up with us, it’s going to be difficult to make those really serious changes, like getting money out of our politics.

So, When I sit around a campfire with these intelligent young adults I can’t help but smile…..knowing the world is going to be ok! We will continue to mobilize and we’ll continue to be a pain in the ass until things change.

The world is changing now. We see it every day. We’re all watching each other to see who’s taking that stand against corruption, greed, oppression, domination, war, fracking, high education loans, whatever the cause…..find it and stand up! It’s only when every American is finally outraged enough, that we will be the change and make the change we want to see.

Thank you Buffalo for a great evening and all your smarts! Like all those towns and cities before you we stand united in our efforts to save this great land so it can be everything we’d hoped for and want for ourselves and our children.

There’s hope……we (Occupy) is alive, well and rejuvenating! Look out Philly cause here we come!

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