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June 21st, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Albany

June 18

Lots of cool stuff going on here. We arrived to their downtown indoor space and was very impressed with the location and space. We managed to get parking right out in front amazingly enough. We greeted people as they walked by and at times had several people on the “V”, and around the “V” talking to us. It was so great to be in the center of it all. After interviewing a few people about what had been happening in Albany we decided to just stay the night. Having both electricity and WiFi were a big plus. At around midnight we were just settling down for the night when a couple of college punks decided our power cord was just too tempting and they stole it right from under us (while in use). Then we heard a guy who lived in the apt. below say he was going to egg us if we stayed. So given we had no power and things might get ugly we decided to find a safe place so we could get some rest. The heat was getting to be overwhelming as well. We tucked in to a vacant lot next to Home Depot where it was quiet. The next day we decided we’d go out to stay with Ant Ick who lives in Rotterdam and who had invited us out with an offer of electricity after hearing our story. We occupied his very long driveway for a couple days while we got some much needed rest. When Ant got off work he came and visited, where we exchanged stories. He was like a little kid, excited to hear stories of Zuccotti and the struggles throughout the occupation. We loved his story of missing the march in NY and sitting in Zuccotti by himself….priceless Ant Ick! Your enthusiasm is infectious!

June 19-20

We occupied the Capitol building for an afternoon to help support the Anti-Fracking protesters. Ant parked his car (he had to leave for work later) then joined us in the “V” as we drove around town showing off! He was beside himself with the thought of being on board and having people making those “What the F**K” faces as they saw us come up the road. Luckily we got a parking (actually 2) spot right along side the Capitol building. We noticed that pictures were snapping every few minutes as people passed. Some trying desperately to figure out what/who we were. It was a great spot, if not for the heat it couldn’t have been more perfect. We watched the protest, heard the pleas for stopping fracking and then we watched as the group from Move-On served their petition to get the money out of politics. A great day for the people! That night we participated in the “march of solidarity with Montreal” and we all wore our red squares as we took the streets. After 4 people were arrested the week before (very targeted arrests for no real reason) the marchers were sticking to the sidewalks. However, we or at least the “V” was fully prepared to take the streets! And she did. And…got endorsed by the police! Yes, they gave us “thumbs up” to roll along side the protesters even though we tied up traffic. It was AWESOME!

June 21

The heat is unbearable! 95 or 98 not sure. We ran the generator all night so the air conditioner would run. Actually got some sleep out in Latham. We parked between Walmart and Home Depot. Thought we might be able to pick up a new electric cord in the a.m. Unfortunately they didn’t carry it. So we headed to Albany RV where we got a new cord and then off to the Post Office where we picked up our two deliveries and headed for Boston. The only salvation from the heat was to keep moving. At least the engine air was somewhat cool. About half way to Worcester we noticed some tiny lakes/ponds on the map and decided we would get “up close and personal” with one! We did and it was an awesome time hanging out at a lake, cutting Tony’s hair and drinking a nice cold beer! That my friends was the icing on the cake! We are now sitting parked in good old Walmart again, where at least we know the police won’t come knocking! As much as we hate Walmart we do love the RV hospitality….unless of couse the management doesn’t get the message and we get booted! Been there done that a couple times. But tonight we celebrate 104 cities in Springfield!

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