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Occupy Buffalo

June 14th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Buffalo | Occupy Camps - (Comments Off on Occupy Buffalo)

June 16th.

Tried to get into the Juneteenth Parade. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting kicked out of the Juneteenth Parade on MLK! Not once but twice. We broke through the police tape and squeezed in front of a bunch of motorcycles. But, wasn’t long before we got corralled and sent off the path. “They” didn’t like our message? Or our chant…”Education is a right, not just for the Rich & White”? Actually the cop was really nice until the 2nd one came along and told her we weren’t registered to be in the parade, so they made us turn right….right out of the park! So we swung around and went to the Back of the Parade where after a few blocks we got corralled again….this time they threatened to give us a ticket and impound the “V” if we didn’t leave. (more…)