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Occupy Philly-NATGAT

June 30th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in NATGAT | Philadelphia - (Comments Off on Occupy Philly-NATGAT)

We’re finally here in Philly. The trip was made with ease and songs sung, art made and good conversations until we found everyone sound asleep in the back. It had been a long night and some of us only getting to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. With sleep deprivation and incredible heat wave we forged our way to Philly. It was decided among a few of us (when we heard from Chris Wambaugh of Kalamazoo, MI) that we would meet, them from DC and us from Newark so we could make our grand entrance together. (more…)

Last stop before Philly and what a stop it was. We entered Newark with the usual fanfare and got a very welcoming reception. For Tino and Tony it was like coming home since this is where the last 5 months started for Tino especially who’s spent that whole time on the “V”. We gathered in the park, shared food and stories. Clark from WikiLeaksTruck was there as was Julia from Vinylated. Both of whom were responsible for the Bradley Manning WikiLeaks graphics on the RV. It was 5 months ago we were outside in the cold on a Newark side street under a street light putting vinyl on the “V”. Awesome time! Now months later and over 9,000 miles more we’re back. After eating lunch we made some buttons for OTR, Newark and Anonymous. (more…)

Big thank you to United Church on the Greens for allowing and providing parking and electricity to the Occupy “V”. The experience was so awesome. All the great people we met. All the media attention and especially to the folks that stopped to ask questions and became part of occupy through osmosis! That’s what we do….we educate so everyone knows Occupy is ALIVE and will hit like a tsunami soon! For the icecream from Ben & Jerry’s to the wonderful meals both prepared on site and food donated we truly thank you. (more…)

We arrived to our 3rd Caravan destination just around noon and were so disappointed that the pool was “children only” so no occupying the pool for us on this very hot day! Apparently just acting like a kid doesn’t count. What can we say except “man those Hartford folks are great”! They provided the Occupy Caravan with an awesome outdoor lunch and great company. We had some time to share some stories. (more…)

What fanfare we experienced as we left Portland to journey off to Worcester. While still in Portland we assembled a table at the Market Fair which we happened to park next to and educated folks about “Occupy” and “Bradley Manning”. The response was great and lots of support and love given to OTR and the “V”. About 11:30 we had people gathering around the “V” along with the news media for both radio and TV who wanted to do interviews with me. Then it was cheering and rallying for the journey to begin. (more…)

Arrived in Portland Maine around 8 pm and spent the next 4 hours downtown on Congress St. with the “V” parked just adjacent to the Occupy Office space. Wow…what a draw the “V’ was with people coming and going constantly. It was great to get to know the people of Portland and learn a little history from Herb (local politician and history teacher) who happened to drop by as well. While visiting the Portland office we were graced with 3 gals from other cities, Chicago, New Haven being two. (more…)

Occupy Kennebunkport

June 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Kennebunkport - (0 Comments)

June 22 – We arrived and are now occupying the very long driveway of Laurie in Kennebunkport. This is an amazing property with so much character and feeling of love and warmth. From the beautiful gardens surrounding the house to that awesome barn/workshop/recreation area we feel right at home. The occupiers have made us feel very welcome here and helped us out with electricity as soon as we arrived. Their GA was just ending and all were gathered around the circle area. The usual …WOW that’s so cool….when they saw the “V” for the first time. (more…)

Occupy Albany

June 21st, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Albany - (Comments Off on Occupy Albany)

June 18

Lots of cool stuff going on here. We arrived to their downtown indoor space and was very impressed with the location and space. We managed to get parking right out in front amazingly enough. We greeted people as they walked by and at times had several people on the “V”, and around the “V” talking to us. It was so great to be in the center of it all. After interviewing a few people about what had been happening in Albany we decided to just stay the night. Having both electricity and WiFi were a big plus. At around midnight we were just settling down for the night when a couple of college punks decided our power cord was just too tempting and they stole it right from under us (while in use). Then we heard a guy who lived in the apt. below (more…)

Occupy Syracuse

June 18th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Syracuse - (Comments Off on Occupy Syracuse)

We rolled into Syracuse very late and didn’t see anyone first time around. But shortly afterward we realized the park was a couple blocks over and voila….there were the tents. We parked along side the encampment and had a visit with the occupiers who were still awake. After a sleep we awoke to the activities of occupiers who had been up for some time. We met Vermin Supreme who gave us a few laughs as he went into his political satire. After a GA (which we ustreamed) we followed the group to a luncheon put on by the local “Green Party” (Ursula-who is running for congress). (more…)

Occupy Buffalo

June 14th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Buffalo | Occupy Camps - (Comments Off on Occupy Buffalo)

June 16th.

Tried to get into the Juneteenth Parade. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting kicked out of the Juneteenth Parade on MLK! Not once but twice. We broke through the police tape and squeezed in front of a bunch of motorcycles. But, wasn’t long before we got corralled and sent off the path. “They” didn’t like our message? Or our chant…”Education is a right, not just for the Rich & White”? Actually the cop was really nice until the 2nd one came along and told her we weren’t registered to be in the parade, so they made us turn right….right out of the park! So we swung around and went to the Back of the Parade where after a few blocks we got corralled again….this time they threatened to give us a ticket and impound the “V” if we didn’t leave. (more…)