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TOUR de Hughes -Save our Stadium

May 5th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Fort Collins | Occupy Camps | Save our Stadium-Tour de Hughes

Fort Collins decided it wants to move the Football stadium to the University area.  But, they have a beautiful stadium now set in a gorgeous setting in the side of the foothills with an incredible amount of land they could “occupy” to expand if they wanted to.  But, they’ve decided to spend millions moving the stadium to the Colorado State University where they will totally destroy and eliminate a very functional garden space where the community has been doing great things.

TOUR DE HUGHES!   This event was designed to draw awareness to land,  that is threatened by the stadium.  The Stadium Advisory Commitee recently announced the intention to build it on the W.D. Holley Plant Environmental Research Center. This vibrant and biodiverse patch of land is the the home of the Student Garden, as well as multiple research projects, perennial gardens, arboretums, and wildlife.

Share the love for the Student Sustainable Garden (previously called SUS-DEV), now in its 15th season of growth, and to appreciate the beauty of Hughes Stadium!  This is the last piece of Agricultural land left on the main campus of CSU,  which was once a land-grant university. We believe that the students and community in this city have a powerful voice, and given a space to speak, we can change the conversation for the better! Please join us to send a clear message to CSU: that land is the soul of our university, and we don’t need to bulldoze gardens in order to make progress!

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