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Protest on the streets of Chicago “no NATO”

May 20th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Chicago | Night Before NATO

May 19th ….Earlier in the day:

Tino, John and Tony are out marching & streaming. We lost the charger for the big camera, ugh! Had only a couple hours of sleep after a very tense night in the streets. Our equipment sucks which really restricts us for todays events.

John had captured the protester getting hit by the van and dragged, but the phone didn’t save it. Appears our video gets dropped when an incoming call comes. Ugh again! But,wWe’re doing the best we can. I’m putting pics (over 2000 to crop & organize) up and trying to find some solutions to our techie issues. Right now sitting in Starbucks using free wifi….no phone on me as both are being used for ustreaming. If you need me please email I’ll be joining the boys later this afternoon. Most likely heading back to the “V” tonight in Indiana once all the protesting stops. Could be a VERY late night.

May 20th….The next day and night.

Turns out it was a very late night. I didn’t have much contact with the guys as they were on the front line protesting and fighting for ending the wars and other American atrocities. The crowds grew tired, frustrated and anxious as the police blocked access to march and continuously corraled the protesters. Sometimes backing them into a corner, which made me wonder how they expected them to act any different that to lash out in retaliation. But, that’s what some of the police wanted. Dressed up in armory fit for a war zone it was anything but fair. As the police came out swinging batons protesters were suffering the consequences and injuries abound. Our occupier Anthony was beaten by a police officer while trying to protect a young lady who was down on the ground also being hit by a police baton. A very large goose egg was treated at the hospital, his head bound and bleeding lasting through the night. No one would understand what it’s like unless they were there.

We arrived back in South Bend around 3:30 am licking our wounds (physical, emotional and financial). Tino’s feet were raw from marching in ill fitted boots for 13 hours. Anthony was trying to recon with the fact that he is considered the enemy and beaten down while not fighting or resisting and I trying to figure out how we were all going to continue the mission and fight with no money left.

We met with our host Dan (who happens to be a videographer & producer) the next day and decided that the video and interviews OTR has would be better served out in public than in our personal library sitting dormant. Therefore, with the help of our new friend Dan, we will start putting together the movies and stories/struggles of the people we’ve met over the last 91 cities so that we can share them with you.

Our mission over the next few cities will be to inform the public of the issues America faces everyday. We’ll cover the stories the media are not telling and give the facts to back them up. Stay tuned for OTR-Revived and strong

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