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Occupying us some Capital’s on our trip to Chicago

May 14th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Madison

Left Fort Collins Sat. morning and headed to Cheyenne, Omaha and Des Moines with no contact from occupiers. We visited the Des Moines Capital so we can get our Wiki (in your face) shot. Then, after meeting Barbara at a rest stop she mentioned Madison and we jumped at the chance to visit the city with Balls enough to get over 1 million signatures so they can have Scott Walker recalled from office. His attack on the union workers has been bittersweet not to mention some “alleged” corruption and dealings that aren’t sitting well with the good people of Madison. So with two days to spare until Chicago calls we ventured off to see if we could find some occupiers here in Wisconsin. Sad to report that up til now, nothing. But we have had some great conversations with people passing by who can’t help but stop and ask what “OTR” is all about. That’s the nice part of being so big and in your face…..people find us! So we’re heading to Green Party party for Jill just down the street to see what that’s all about. Next…on to Milwaukee! Hopefully more luck there!

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