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Occupy Fort Collins, 2nd time round

May 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Fort Collins | Occupy Camps

May 3,

The “V” is full of passers by and we’re having an great conversation and education session. They now LOVE Occupy & understand about Bradley! The best visits are absolutely the spontaneous ones.

Today we met Steve & Rebecca and had some beautiful artwork donated and put on the “V” :-).   Then we visited with Arnet and his two sons who shared beautiful stories and then gave us some speakers for the “V” so we can blast some tunes on our next parade/march.

May 4th,  Occupied Colorado State University (CSU) in the afternoon.   Parked right in the campus on Laurel and caused a lot of raised eyebrows as people tried to figure out what this huge billboard was about 🙂

We got to meet some students and help clarify what the Occupy movement is about and why students should be supportive since they have a vested interest in the high cost Student Loan Debt.  Ended the afternoon with lunch in “Old Town” only to arrive back at the “V” to a $100 parking ticket for taking 2 stalls.WTF!

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