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No NATO Protest in Chicago

May 18th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Chicago

We’re occupying a hotel on W. Adams/N.Clark Sts and very fortunate to be so close to all the action (Loop)lucked out on a cheap room! Starting with a drive in to Chicago from South Bend at 4:30 am on the 18th. We arrived to Lincoln Park at 6:30 am to find our friends who bused in the night before. Unfortunately they were dropped off in the park with hundreds of others (3 buses organized by the Nurses Union in New York) without any accommodations or facilities available. All bathrooms in the park were locked so many were just left to sleep without blankets in the cold Chicago night. We took our friends to the closest restaurant and that is where we grouped and organized all 8 of us to plan our day.

First off…Occupy the LOBY! We tried to check in to the hotel early (apparently there’s a fee, fee, fee if you want anything that’s not on their set agenda) so we gave them our “luggage” and then parked the car so we could find all the Chicago occupiers around the corner at 11:00 am. We marched from the FED bldg to Daley Plaza where we merged with hundreds of Union nurses who were very organized in their planned event which included music and speeches. For the most part the police appeared to be very pleasant and accommodating as we marched in the streets-chanting- LOUD.

Our self-made “Press Passes” were a big hit as we made our way through the streets. We dispersed into the crowds capturing history in the making. After taking 1500 or more pictures throughout the day we converged on the hotel with snacks and brewskis to recapture the days events. Shortly afterward we heard chanting and drumming in the streets so the guys fled, with camera in tow, to follow the excitement… once again taking it to the streets of Chicago in and around Grant Park. I stayed back to download, crop, organize and make more press passes. Around 7:30 pm the boys were back with more stories about police on horseback (lots of them) and marches for long periods all while being antagonized and pushed apart by the CPD.

We thought we had lost Dan and Roxie with their two boys but soon found out they were safe and on the train back to South Bend as planned. After a brief nap John, Tony and Tino decided they were going out again to find occupiers and some PEACE party happening 3 miles away. My job – get the live stream up and correctly announce to all (FB & Twitter) as it’s happening! Not always an easy thing for someone as un-tech savvy as I 🙂 . It was midnight when they returned from an unfruitful event, but bearing news that the 8 people who had been arrested the night before were being released. However, no one could find out from which jail that was, and still no one knew why they had been snatched from their apartment with no warrant! Our first impression that the Police were working with us came to a screeching halt as the evening wore on. It’s life as usual in the BIG City and the cops have a hard time not being able to push around that authority that WE the PEOPLE gave them!

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