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Arrived in Chicago 4 days before the NATO protest

May 16th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Chicago | Occupy Camps

Well we made it to chicago, found a parking space with the help of micah, Thanks micah! Unfortunately we decided to leave and park in South Bend, Ind. for several reasons, 1) 15 minutes into being there we had undercove cops come take pics front and back 2) soon after we had Chicago police do a slow drive by 3) then we had what looked like a state trooper in an unmarked car 4) under cover return at a very slow pace 5) Chicago PD do a drive by hitting us with the spot light 6) we had two Ch PD suv’s park half a block away watching us and 7) when we started up the V to head out the under covers show up again and stayed there stopped until we left, so thinking that by staying there we might bring unwanted heat to our comrads and to ourselves within the first 2 hours of being in Chicago we decided to leave and park in South Bend :/

Sometimes being an activist can become overwhelming, and although we want to we cannot do it all alone, so above all, you are NOT alone. None of you. Big brother jokes aside, turn to your close networks and seek help when needed. We are here for you, as we know you are here for us….Tino

NATO summit in Chicago could be 1st public test of HR347, “criminalizing protest” law ……………..Tino

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