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Protest on the streets of Chicago “no NATO”

May 20th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Chicago | Night Before NATO - (Comments Off on Protest on the streets of Chicago “no NATO”)

May 19th ….Earlier in the day:

Tino, John and Tony are out marching & streaming. We lost the charger for the big camera, ugh! Had only a couple hours of sleep after a very tense night in the streets. Our equipment sucks which really restricts us for todays events.

John had captured the protester getting hit by the van and dragged, but the phone didn’t save it. Appears our video gets dropped when an incoming call comes. Ugh again! But,wWe’re doing the best we can. I’m putting pics (over 2000 to crop & organize) up and trying to find some solutions to our techie issues. (more…)