Economic & Social Justice

Just now leaving Detroit after a meeting with “Better Detroit Youth Movement” where we will be coordinating efforts to mentor our youth throughout America as we continue our travels. The relationships we build in cities around the Country all serve to make it a better place. We want to thank Jay, C.J. Myisha, Reggie, Benjamin, William and all the othes we met today and thank you for all you do for the great city of Detroit. (more…)

Occupy Detroit

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OTR is now sitting in front of 5900 Michigan St. with the occupiers. Just after arriving I interviewed Shontrese and Aliyah who were out in the parking lot of the local grocery store getting petitions signed for home healthcare. Happy to report they are now part of the occupy movement. Both just went into the building to see what they can do to help. This is what it’s all about. Finding more like minded people who get it! A nice touch since about 1/2 hr ago we got kicked out of Walmart who called the cops on us because we didn’t leave fast enough. I found it rather entertaining but Tino wasn’t impressed with me continuing my conversation with a wonderful lady Lee who was asking lots of questions. She gets it and was very impressed with what we’re doing. So in less than a couple hours we have 3 more occupiers and 9 signatures for support of Bradley Manning! (more…)

Occupy the Roads “V” (minus Janet who’s in BC right now with new granddaughter) headed to Benton Harbor where some very alarming and illegal (one would think) things are happening.

Traveling through Benton Harbor OTR met some very nice people, although the whole time there… were followed by a black SUV alternating with a police car, not even trying to hide it. So OTR decided to take the “V” on a tour of the whole town. (more…)

Protest on the streets of Chicago “no NATO”

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May 19th ….Earlier in the day:

Tino, John and Tony are out marching & streaming. We lost the charger for the big camera, ugh! Had only a couple hours of sleep after a very tense night in the streets. Our equipment sucks which really restricts us for todays events.

John had captured the protester getting hit by the van and dragged, but the phone didn’t save it. Appears our video gets dropped when an incoming call comes. Ugh again! But,wWe’re doing the best we can. I’m putting pics (over 2000 to crop & organize) up and trying to find some solutions to our techie issues. (more…)

Chicago Protesting continues….

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Tino, Tony and John out on another march supporting the Bridgeport people that were arrested the other night in Chicago. Appears there’s some funny stuff going on there….can we say trumped up charges?

The march today around noon from the park to Rahm Emanuel’s home went really well. Lots of people took over the streets. Tino was streaming and I took pictures…lots and lots of pictures. The police presence was over the top! (more…)

No NATO Protest in Chicago

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We’re occupying a hotel on W. Adams/N.Clark Sts and very fortunate to be so close to all the action (Loop)lucked out on a cheap room! Starting with a drive in to Chicago from South Bend at 4:30 am on the 18th. We arrived to Lincoln Park at 6:30 am to find our friends who bused in the night before. Unfortunately they were dropped off in the park with hundreds of others (3 buses organized by the Nurses Union in New York) without any accommodations or facilities available. All bathrooms in the park were locked so many were just left to sleep without blankets in the cold Chicago night. We took our friends to the closest restaurant and that is where we grouped and organized all 8 of us to plan our day. (more…)

Arrived in Chicago 4 days before the NATO protest

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Well we made it to chicago, found a parking space with the help of micah, Thanks micah! Unfortunately we decided to leave and park in South Bend, Ind. for several reasons, 1) 15 minutes into being there we had undercove cops come take pics front and back 2) soon after we had Chicago police do a slow drive by 3) then we had what looked like a state trooper in an unmarked car 4) under cover return at a very slow pace 5) Chicago PD do a drive by hitting us with the spot light 6) we had two Ch PD suv’s park half a block away watching us and 7) when we started up the V to head out the under covers show up again and stayed there stopped until we left, so thinking that by staying there we might bring unwanted heat to our comrads and to ourselves within the first 2 hours of being in Chicago we decided to leave and park in South Bend :/ (more…)

Milwaukee, WI

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We arrived in Milwaukee and then sat in Zeidler Park, waiting for some occupiers to join us. We did a shout out but realized that it was short notice so understand that we were taking our chances with visiting. But, it was on the way and we wanted to check things out. (more…)

Left Fort Collins Sat. morning and headed to Cheyenne, Omaha and Des Moines with no contact from occupiers. We visited the Des Moines Capital so we can get our Wiki (in your face) shot. Then, after meeting Barbara at a rest stop she mentioned Madison and we jumped at the chance to visit the city with Balls enough to get over 1 million signatures so they can have Scott Walker recalled from office. His attack on the union workers has been bittersweet not to mention some “alleged” corruption and dealings that aren’t sitting well with the good people of Madison. (more…)

Friday finds us in Greeley once again. We packed up the “V” with our Fort Collins friends and headed off to help support the Friday Fracking Protestors. Brandi and Tino worked hard on the banner (initially intended to be dropped but technical difficulties prevailed) which adorned the protest. Brandi also made a cool Mother Earth costume and stand up cardboard house to remind everyone that the earth is fragile and fracking goes against everything we know to be right. (more…)