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Occupy Santa Fe, NM

April 11th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Santa Fe

We rolled into Santa Fe around noon and realized we had just gained another hour due to Central Mountain time difference. There we met with a few occupiers who gave us a brief overview of their occupation as we picnic’d in Railroad park, where they had been camped for 3 months. We could see a dark cloud in the distant and before we knew it the rain (which is apparently infrequent) had us retreat to the “V” where we interviewed Tanya and Leskie about Santa Fe. They told us the Mayor and the Police Dept. had been very supportive during their encampment. Apparently the homeles shelter was nearby but were not in a position to take those who had alcohol or mental issues, which then became the camps problem. It was a cold winter and they worked hard to maintain the good relationship with the city. Unfortunately the city decided it was too much and it came to an end like so many others.

After our meeting we noticed grafiti on a building and walked over to discover it was a Youth building. It was there, where we witnessed an amazing amount of beautiful artwork done by local kids. Surely it was a teenagers dream place. The manager was outside painting as we approached and began talking about it being the oldest youth organization in America. He offered us a look around and told us to feel free to take pictures. So we did! Wow…amazing place. Headed back to the “V” to post them.

While sitting, quietly working in the parking lot, a security officer/city worker came over and started talking to Tino through the window. This chat turned into one of the best conversations we’d had. We invited him aboard, then were surprised when he said yes. He had no problem visiting us on the “V” and telling us his story. While he wasn’t an occupier physically, he did give us his impression of what he felt was going on and nailed it! A story very similar to the many we’ve heard before him. Same issues we’ve heard time and again. So, he is an Occupier at heart! We were very impressed with Andrew. He told us he was part of the local native tribe. We shared stories of the Soo (N. Dakota) tribe who had been occupied by the white man and there ego driven reminder of presidents heads on Mt. Rushmore! When it was time for him to leave we extended an invitation for he and his son to come be part of our eco-villa, if ever he’s had enough, which it appears may be soon if things keep going the way they are! Tino and I have some of our best interviews in parking lots!

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