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Occupy Lubbock, TX

April 6th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Lubbock | Occupy Camps

The “V” was a big hit in Lubbock.    April 5th (very late)

Arrived in Lubbock around midnight and was cheerfully greeted by Mark Lawson and a few more occupiers who swooped and immediately started taking pics. We’re happy to bring a sense of belonging, when they told us it felt like they were slowing down. Filled with this renewed energy + sense of urgency we have planned a full day coming up with first stop @ the University Free Speech Area during the day. We want to find some students willing to talk to us about the occupy movement and what it means to them. Then we’ll share a spaghetti dinner with the occupiers in the Lubbock camp followed by a trip to downtown for an evening of art touring with the “v”. Our ART ought to turn some heads.

Discussions & Interviews on board…..

Companies are poisoning citizens with fracking. High cancer rates and no decent drinkable water. The very same conversation and concern in El Paso. But, Lubbock is the first city we’ve seen with water kiosks on the side of roads like coffee shops! We’re killing the planet for $’s. One resident told us they have extremely high electricity rates. We’re told that if you produced electricty you’re not able to sell excess it to the grid. Wow, is that big oil ruling?

April 6th (entertainment ART studio walk and Music @ Tornados)

Last night we went to the Lubbock Art Walk and then to Tornados to watch and listen to the music of two great artists (Martin & Janie Bates) who wrote a song specifically for Occupy. There was a trolley that brought people to and from each Art warehouse and then free beer at some! 🙂 What a great thing they have going on here.

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