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April 30th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Fort Collins | Occupy Camps

What a scream today as we sat outside the Coloradoan News Paper. We thought that when we parked in their empty parking lot, they might come out to ask what the 31 ft of billboard and wiki is all about. But, natta! In fact when we went in after 1/2 an hour and told them of our mission they politely said “If anything happens tomorrow (May 1 General Strike) we may cover that. So we sat outside and when a nice lady came along who was curious about us we interviewed her only to find an amazing story. That will go up later.

Shortly around 3:30 Brandi showed up and gave us an update on the GA that was happening tonight. Ever so spontaneously, after she heard the paper wasn’t interested, we decided to go pay them a livestream visit! A very appropriate move, given Brandi has just today finished her Masters on Social Media and Press. Well the video is self explanatory,
but the best part was when Blondi Exec (forgot her name) came out shortly after and told us that we were not welcome and could we please leave the property. We’ve never been told to EF Off so nicely. All the prettiness, hot pink dress, high heels that don’t fit, poofy blond hair, lots of jewelry and OMG that sweet ole southern accent….wow! Now that’s gotta be finishing school.

You made our day Coloradoan News Paper! Keep up the good work. I’m sure someone will be bleeding or dying soon. Will you need an appointment for that?

Later on we attended the General Assembly for Fort Collins which started at 7pm. We met some great people and after some stimulating conversation we retired to Dave’s place for overnight parking and electricity where life was easy for the next few hours until we rally at the Court House at 9:00 am for support of Amelia Nicol.

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