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Occupy Denver

April 15th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Denver

To the gang in Denver, thank you for a great welcome. The stories and people behind them…amazing. The police and city officials… always more amazing, and not in a good way!

The city appears to be a mini NY? What’s up with the Bull, Statue of Liberty and Zuccotti like art work. It’s creeping us out! Were the police trained in NY too, because we’re told people were getting $130 tickets for stopping to drop off food to the camp.

We met more people just hanging at the “v” who wanted to fill us in and then some who really, really get it! We have lots to do and Denver has lots of spunk! We think perhaps we might have ourselves a little fun here!

After almost 6 months on the road I will be flying home tomorrow (Tuesday) for a week to 10 days to see my husband & family and have a much needed break to re-energize! I will check in with Vancouver, BC as I drive up to Canada to spend some time with my grandson.

Tino will be minding the “V” in Denver and helping to strategize some May 1 events. I look forward to some major action 🙂 with our friends in Denver and before continuing the mission!

I believe we are at city # 84!   Who will be the 100th  city?

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