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Occupy Austin, TX

April 4th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Austin

A dear friend from San Antonio, has followed OTR for some time but we weren’t able to connect on the trip to N.Y. Happy to report we finally got to meet him in Austin today along with Lacey & Freddie who he brought with him. We thoroughly enjoyed exchanging stories with you. It certainly makes us feel good that you appreciate everything we’re doing for Occupy. You are doing the same in your State. We need more of us out there making sure the masses are being educated.

I see why you’re so passionate about Occupy Austin! It’s a great city with its local food vendors on the streets, to 6th St. area where you’re planning to occupy this Saturday for your 6 month celebration. Wish we could stay but we have a lot of distance to cover on our journey. Thank you for the invite and the warm hospitality you showed.

Thank you Bubba, for the kind donation you brought from members of Occupy San Antonio. Occupy Bexar, Texas Occupy MOvement, Meghan Owen (Occupier running for congress) and Joe A from Good Things were the small group of donators.

It all helps to keep us moving! We appreciate that you made this special trip to meet with us. It was so worth meeting you all.

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