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Occupy Amarillo, TX

April 7th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Amarillo

Another small but mighty town with lots of passion. There we found a handful of occupiers who told us they had camped for 2 months. We found that amazing given the very conservative nature of these small rural Texas towns.

It was Martin and Janie (musicians) who we met in Lubbock that introduced us to the folks in Amarillo. We met up at a very quaint coffee shop called 806 and then were taken to dinner by Rusty who is also a die hard occupier in Amarillo. Two of the occupiers Cristina & Joseph are well versed on the “Federal Reserve” and even they were surprised to hear that the contract is up this year in Dec. Joseph is going to do some research as well as a sound bite for radio. We think this should be a priority in the Occupy Movement. We must educate the public on what the Fed. Reserve is….that’s it’s Privately owned by the 1%’r’s and not part of the Federal Gov’t which in itself is misleading. It’s time we all got behind this and educated the public on what the FED does and how it’s been printing our money for 100 years!

We found out that Amarillo is struggling with the same issues most of the camps are, finance (non-profit vs other) and website hosting. It appears the person who was looking after the website just disappeared and that left Amarillo to find other domains. But, that domain was not something that would lead any interested person to them because it was too hard to find. So we helped nail down who the website was registered under and after a quick phone call were able to secure the site back in the hands of occupiers who were active. We also offered to give Non-Profit status to Amarillo so they could secure some donations, etc. This will be needed to help them with printing, etc. After a couple hours of brainstorming we came to the conclusion that the Fed issues and the 4th of July were going to be important, so a great deal of advertising is going to be needed.

We left Amarillo knowing they were in good hands and making a difference in a very small and very conservative town. Our admiration goes out to Rusty, Cristina and Joseph for keeping the occupation alive and well in rural Texas!!! We’ll look forward to updates as you progress.

On a side note: Little Sienna is the cutest darn little occupier we’ve seen on our trip!

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