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Occupy Albuquerque, NM

April 9th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Albuquerque

Just parked the “V” and headed in to Starbucks to spange some wifi, when I met Matt who saw the Wiki/Bradley art and introduced himself. We had a great conversation about politics and the injustices in this country which he knew all too well. His story was very moving since he and his family are victims of unlawful detainment. You can read about his story

While Matt isn’t a regular participator of Occupy Albuquerque he is well informed about the movement and feels strongly that “we” need change. He can relate to the students who feel the system is too corrupt and broken to fix and that’s why they’re not voting. Yet, where do we start if not there? We build the government we want to see and arrest those who took us down the path of corruption! Can I hear a YeaMen!

April 11, Our visit to ABQ did pan out the way we thought but it was in fact very relaxing. Since we had been going non stop since leaving New York it was a great couple down days to recharge. Would have been nice to have met the occupiers but sadly that didn’t work out, however we did meet some great folks who’s driveway we occupied for 2 days! Thank you to Sheri and Matt for giving us some well needed down time, water, food and button making supplies, which it looks like we’ll be using to raise funds for the balance of our trip. 🙂 Awesome people who believe in the occupy movement.

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