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Occupied Pueblo (met Robert)

April 15th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo

We rolled into Pueblo and found ourselves a busy corner with a large parking lot. And since it was Sat. evening we decided it was safe to be parked at this, now closed, money/check place and do a little advertising :).

Word was sent out that we were in town looking for the occupiers. Shortly we received word from someone that the occupy in Pueblo was winding down and had very few members left. No meetings were being held, but we reached out on twitter in hope that someone would find us. Appears one brave sole did find us and he was heading to work but wanted to say hi, love the “v” and would get in touch with those he knew were still around to let them know where we were parked (29th and Elizabeth).

Wasn’t long before we had a passer by come talk to us. He was a native of Pueblo and asked if “we knew why the city was allowing buildings to sit vacant for years when so many were homeless?”. We agreed that there were definitely empty buildings everywhere and some were real eyesores. He wanted to take us to a building he thought could be used for some good in his neighborhood, so we accompanied him to 5th street. A good many buildings around this neighborhood were boarded up and empty. Yet there were homeless sleeping under bridges and in tucked away places here and there. The area was known for drug use and prostitutes. He felt that if these people of the community were given a chance and felt like members of society they would have reason to be clean themselves up. We told Robert Casiar that we would help anyway we could. We too, felt that being productive members of society gave people hope. Perhaps having people of the community help to restore these old buildings would be the perfect solution. So, that night a letter was sent to the owner of two of the properties to see if they would work with us to create a real community for the People! We’ll see what transpires.

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