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What a scream today as we sat outside the Coloradoan News Paper. We thought that when we parked in their empty parking lot, they might come out to ask what the 31 ft of billboard and wiki is all about. But, natta! In fact when we went in after 1/2 an hour and told them of our mission they politely said “If anything happens tomorrow (May 1 General Strike) we may cover that. So we sat outside and when a nice lady came along who was curious about us we interviewed her only to find an amazing story. That will go up later. (more…)

Today we met with the Occupy Denver organizing group who are working diligently on the May 1 General Strike. Last minute details…including whether the “V” was going to participate in the march. Appears the Denver police are indicative of the same brute force as New York and L.A., but all said we will be in the march bringing up the rear. We’ve participated in about half dozen marches and all were very successful. We’re big, bold, and in your face with 31 feet of protesting signage on one side and huge Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks graphics on the other! (more…)

Occupy 4-20 in Boulder, CO

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Tino reports from 420 At CU Boulder with Amy, Sarah and Art from DPA (Drug Policy Alliance)

Had a great time. Great to see the people stand up for their rights!  Tickets were for $750, if you were on campus and not a student. iI guess they missed me….CU in Boulder spent upwards of $100,000 for cops and for Wyclef to put on a free concert.  What they didn’t expect was for him to come to the field we took over and join everyone for a smoke out at 4:20pm. The cops were there to keep out non-students.   They were so vigilant that I got in without being asked for school ID, lol (more…)

Occupy Denver

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To the gang in Denver, thank you for a great welcome. The stories and people behind them…amazing. The police and city officials… always more amazing, and not in a good way!

The city appears to be a mini NY? What’s up with the Bull, Statue of Liberty and Zuccotti like art work. It’s creeping us out! Were the police trained in NY too, because we’re told people were getting $130 tickets for stopping to drop off food to the camp. (more…)

Occupied Pueblo (met Robert)

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We rolled into Pueblo and found ourselves a busy corner with a large parking lot. And since it was Sat. evening we decided it was safe to be parked at this, now closed, money/check place and do a little advertising :).

Word was sent out that we were in town looking for the occupiers. Shortly we received word from someone that the occupy in Pueblo was winding down and had very few members left. No meetings were being held, but we reached out on twitter in hope that someone would find us. (more…)

Occupy Taos and the Earthships

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April 14

Just leaving Blanca CO, and finally able to get WiFi after 2 days! Good thing because we were having withdrawal attacks. We did get to the see the property and are now analyzing our needs to see if this will work for our ‘off the grid’ project. We have some homework to do and need internet to do it, so we’re heading to Pueblo on route to Denver.

April 13

In the evening I attended a meeting for sustainable earth who were doing an event for the movie Thrive. I missed the meeting because we had people aboard the “V” until 7:30 but managed to catch two people who hadn’t left yet. The gentleman gave me some information regarding a few websites to visit that pertained to sustained living and how we (as people) can remove ourselves from being slaves to Congress. He said they should be slaves to us since they take the oath to uphold our best interests. Appears there is a way to take back your sovereignty. I will read up and tell the story soon. (more…)

Occupy Santa Fe, NM

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We rolled into Santa Fe around noon and realized we had just gained another hour due to Central Mountain time difference. There we met with a few occupiers who gave us a brief overview of their occupation as we picnic’d in Railroad park, where they had been camped for 3 months. We could see a dark cloud in the distant and before we knew it the rain (which is apparently infrequent) had us retreat to the “V” where we interviewed Tanya and Leskie about Santa Fe. They told us the Mayor and the Police Dept. had been very supportive during their encampment. (more…)

Occupy Albuquerque, NM

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Just parked the “V” and headed in to Starbucks to spange some wifi, when I met Matt who saw the Wiki/Bradley art and introduced himself. We had a great conversation about politics and the injustices in this country which he knew all too well. His story was very moving since he and his family are victims of unlawful detainment. You can read about his story

While Matt isn’t a regular participator of Occupy Albuquerque he is well informed about the movement and feels strongly that “we” need change. He can relate to the students who feel the system is too corrupt and broken to fix and that’s why they’re not voting. Yet, where do we start if not there? We build the government we want to see and arrest those who took us down the path of corruption! Can I hear a YeaMen! (more…)

Occupy Amarillo, TX

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Another small but mighty town with lots of passion. There we found a handful of occupiers who told us they had camped for 2 months. We found that amazing given the very conservative nature of these small rural Texas towns.

It was Martin and Janie (musicians) who we met in Lubbock that introduced us to the folks in Amarillo. We met up at a very quaint coffee shop called 806 and then were taken to dinner by Rusty who is also a die hard occupier in Amarillo. Two of the occupiers Cristina & Joseph are well versed on the “Federal Reserve” and even they were surprised to hear that the contract is up this year in Dec. Joseph is going to do some research as well as a sound bite for radio. (more…)

Occupy Lubbock, TX

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The “V” was a big hit in Lubbock.    April 5th (very late)

Arrived in Lubbock around midnight and was cheerfully greeted by Mark Lawson and a few more occupiers who swooped and immediately started taking pics. We’re happy to bring a sense of belonging, when they told us it felt like they were slowing down. Filled with this renewed energy + sense of urgency we have planned a full day coming up with first stop @ the University Free Speech Area during the day. We want to find some students willing to talk to us about the occupy movement and what it means to them. Then we’ll share a spaghetti dinner with the occupiers in the Lubbock camp followed by a trip to downtown for an evening of art touring with the “v”. Our ART ought to turn some heads. (more…)