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Yesterday the “V” had a beauty treatment. That’s right…she was washed and is now ready for her make over. One side has been cleared and all posters will be adorning the door side of the V. Photo’s will be coming soon. We also gave her some new oil and a filter. It appears she was in dire need of some grease too …oops. Big shout out to the the guys (more info to come with pics) who worked on her and made us feel so welcome. Now she’s rock’n for the next 40 to 50 cities. We will be setting up livestream on the “V” because the best conversation are taking place on there and we want you to be part of it. Looking forward to meeting all the folks who have yet to be part of the OTR tour.

Having said that, we’ll be staying in NY for a while longer because there’s a huge project under way, of which OTR will be part. It’s time to kick this movement into phase II. Get ready for the tidal wave in spring! Every city will join this force to push back. Our statement WILL be made louder and WILL be heard.

There are way too many people who still do not know what the “Occupy” movement stands for, so we must educate (use your “What is..document”). While we are all sympathetic to the needs of the homeless we must fix the bigger problem not just bandaid for a few months. The system needs to CHANGE. It will take all of us, and all our focus, so don’t get sidetracked. Anyone willing to be more involved please let OTR know so we can connect you to USA Assembly….coming soon.

We are still working on Occupying a School. All of you who who have shown interest will be contacted once we find space. We are, and will continue to do, amazing things. This is the example we set. Build it and they will come…..

Occupy Wall St.

January 25th, 2012 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in New York -OWS | Occupy Camps - (1 Comments)

After spending a couple days in Newark I decided to take the “V” down to the OWS GA (Manhattan, NY) and bring some of the good folks from Newark. The arrival of the RV was well received and we were able to park right next to the park. Much to the chagrin of the police who didn’t hide their contempt for this large, in your face, Occumobile!

People were coming up and asking questions and excited about what OTR represented and where we had been. Everyone piled off (Janet, Rocky, John, Hatari, Tino, Anthony) and worked our way to the General Assembly. I was amazed and disappointed, that the Wall St. I knew and loved from Oct. 3rd last year, had changed dramatically. The camp was missing and all that was left was a gaping compound of cement left cold and baron flower gardens. Unfortunately without the energy of the camp, they have fallen into the same conundrum as some other camps and that is, arguing over money and power. What makes us succumb to the same things we despise in our Government? Why isn’t the movement leading by example and ensuring the focus on greed and corruption is not hijacked with petty issues that distract from the real issues? We have an insurmountable group of people around the Nation, all of whom, willing to put their personal lives on hold to ensure we are heard and can make a difference. We must keep moving, as one in solidarity. We have the power to do what is needed in the numbers we represent.

Let’s make sure we don’t give the media what they’re looking for. We knew it was going to be tough through the winter months. There’s lots of talk that spring will bring out new ideas and new caravan’s who will rally the troops! Please OWS don’t let us down….the whole world is watching!

Occupy Newark

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City of Newark has lots of history behind it. The Occupy camp was set up Nov. 18th after OWS was shut down. NAVC (North Anti Violent Coalition) set them up in Military Park and showed them how to take over the park. The police came that night at 3am to try and get them out. Councilman (Ras Baraka) said they didn’t have to leave. The Chief of Police then told the police to leave them alone and that was the last time they were harassed. An ordinance was voted on by the city to let them stay in the park. Mayor Booker approached them about using power on Jan. 6th (Occupy exposes Corey Booker [Mayor] is on YouTube) said they were basically stealing it. Occupy Newark offered to pay for the use. So far the power for heaters has stayed on. They were recently given money from OWS to help support the camp. Very kind and supportive group who welcomed the “v” with open arms.

After roaming around downtown last night we were unable to find any occupiers but we did attract (once again) some police who noticed us right away. It was about 7:30 when we arrived and we didn’t know if there was a camp. Every time we stopped to set up the navigator a cop car was there to move us on. Some passerby told us the camp had been closed down. We were tired and hungry so went for a nice dinner.

Philadelphia was founded 1682 by William Penn and served as the temporary capital of the United States. Philly the city of “Brotherly Love” sure didn’t exhibit that in their actions toward the protesters!

This “Land of Liberty bell” which rang at first public reading of the “Declaration of Independence” on July 8, 1776, symbolized freedom of the U.S. However, this beacon of what democracy should be, is anything but that. Stated across the top of the bell is: “Proclaim Liberty Throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof”. A slight hypocritical? It appears the Occupiers do not have that right “in this land of the free”. Home of Benjamin Franklin one of the founding fathers! From what I read he sounds like a true 1%’r!

We parked for the night and called it a day hoping to catch up with some occupiers the next day. I found out the General Assembly was being held at 6:30 tonight. I met some great people who gathered at the Archer United Church. Pics below.

Coming across the Delaware bridge we saw such beautiful scenery and its flowing river. On the drive from Baltimore to Wilmington we had a variety of “thumbs up and honks” but then there’s always the one uneducated 1%’r who gave us the finger as he drove by in his pick up truck. Interestingly enough we’ve only had that done twice and both times they were driving PU trucks :-).

We found the blue tent city, but it was vacant. Not a soul in sight in this little ghost village. We wondered where did everyone go? We passed the Court House a couple times but nothing. The website mentioned they were marching but the weather was so cold we figured they’d changed their mind.

Heron left the RV here and a friend was taking him to his hometown in Maryland. It’s been a long ride with he and I and many interesting stories along the way. We wish him well in his endeavors. As for Wilmington,we’re sorry we missed you!

Occupy Baltimore MD

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Upon arriving we noticed two homeland security vehicles parked at the U.S. Federal Court House Bldg. As we attempted to park the homeland security officer immediately said “You can’t park here”. But, when we said there were two meters available, he retracted and said “oh ya you can park there”…dah.

We found the protestors vigorously protesting and gaining the attention of passers-by a majority of which honked in support. Great signs, great spirit on this very windy chilly day. A petition was passed around to repeal Citizen’s United which we gladly signed. Way too many State Police, Homeland Security, US Marshals and a helicopter were there, which meant way too much money was being spent on about a dozen peaceful protesters, which could have been used for better things like helping American homeowners. Baltimore must have lots of money!

The protesters said the police there are not at all friendly or supportive but rather obstinate. Which I found out when I asked the Homeland security officer if I might bring the “V” around to park in an area close by to help support and he said “absolutely not”. Then gave me a disgusted look. I then asked “wasn’t there better things they could be doing with tax payers money than sitting there?” I’m sure that didn’t win me any points. In the end I pulled the 31 ft billboard (RV) right up in front of the Court House and stopped to give a vote of support to the protesters. Didn’t take them long to start walking toward us….but I rolled off at about 2 miles an hour the whole block “Occupying the Roads” for the people of Baltimore!

Occupy Congress, WA DC

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After a great evening GA (which included circling helicopter–expensive?) at the monument, it rained through the night and into mid morning, then miraculously the sun broke through and it was warm and sunny for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Thousands gathered on the Capital Building lawn to fight back against the money and corruption in politics. Various Occupations converged and hugged as they found one another. Representation from coast to coast! At noon the DC GA started which informed everyone of the days events. There were some great signs, music, silk screening, some arrests and way too many cops. For some apparent reason the cops lined both sides of a walkway leading up to the Capital and this encouraged a group of activists to storm the lower walls taunting the police, singing funny songs and making like they were going to run across in droves. Only a few, including Heron, made the decision to run for it and then were subsequently arrested and put through a grueling ordeal which he will tell shortly. It seemed so ridiculous since anyone could have just walked around to the other side without incident. Nevertheless, it was felt that the “cat and mouse” game was done on purpose to arrest those who might be a threat later in the day….good call not to fall victim. However, having been there and ready to run myself it sure was tempting! I must say I don’t think I could do “face down on the ground with plastic handcuffs and ankle shackles” very well. All the while yelling….”YOUR NOT THE BOSS OF ME!” However, it would make good TV. (more…)

Hello WA DC!

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We arrived at McPherson Square, WA DC this afternoon . The police told me I couldn’t park in the secure area (yes I boldly asked for a favor) and then said “nor anywhere downtown”. Imagine how happy they were that I found this spot? I squeezed into a construction area that hasn’t any “No parking, no stopping no thing” sign here. We are parked 1/2 block away from tentsville…where the police cannot, but sure wish they could, ticket us. I’m sure they’ll be pounding on the door at 7am to let me know I must leave, however, I’m exercising my right to free speech and it just so happens to be on a RV! I might handcuff myself to the stove and they’ll have to arrest me and tow the RV. Then left them explain what law I was breaking while I am livestreaming it.

So many people here now and many arriving each hour. Tomorrow will be an awesome day for “Occupy”.

Richmond, VA

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Rolled in last night to join in the GA held in a quaint Quaker Church. Their structural formation is more evolved than many previous GA’s, however resolution is still in the works to make a unified focus for the group. They have a strong awareness of the signals and methods and are patient with hearing out all people at all times. They face many of the same issues that most GA’s find themselves in. How do you keep it positive and moving so you don’t lose people throughout? This has become one of the constants we’ve seen over the past while. Perhaps we are all going through a transition. Democracy is not easy….everyone must be heard, but no one should dominate the conversations. It’s human nature to seek control, however, seems that they were doing the best that they could to put forth good balance. The facilitator was gracious in holding a sense of awareness and accountability throughout!

Occupy Raleigh, NC

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We arrived in Raleigh, NC last night and once again met with the sweetest people.

Occupy camps are filled with the BEST! We want to give a BIG shout out & thanks for all of you across the Country who are putting up with the weather and police to uphold the OCCUPY movement for those who cannot or choose not to be outside. Your commitment to the CAUSE is one of true dedication and we wouldn’t be here without you! You make us all proud and we love you.

Last night we were honored to have lots of Occupy Raleigh’s finest, who came and went as the night went on.  Just before winding down Jeremy Gilchrist broke out the guitar and played us his (now famous since playing on BBC) song called “we are the 99%”.  We will post a link to his site as well as post the video from last night.   Thanks for making us so welcome in this great (albeit Conservative) city!