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Venice GA + San Clemente

December 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps | San Clemente | Venice

Spent one more night in Venice after Cory & Mel’s cell phones were stolen from their car.  Finding new phones and organizing on the fly needed an extra day so….we went to another GA where I took pictures of the wonderful outside garden area where Venice holds their meetings.  The setting is peaceful and tranquil.

Venice meetings are prompt, all votes on proposals are taken in a timely fashion and within an hour and a half the meeting was done start to finish.   While some wanted more speak time others had pressing things to do afterward.  Finding the right balance appears to be what most of the camps struggle with.   When people use the GA platform for things not related it makes for a long meeting and the risk is that some will eventually leave.  It’s important to keep on track, but also allow the less aggressive or less vocal to have time to share observations and thoughts, if they wish.

Because we are activists we tend to have strong feelings, strong personalities and are passionate about our cause.  With that we find the meetings are usually “occupied” by a few who love to talk or have control, so it is necessary to have good time keepers.   Our democratic process is about finding a balance and listening as much as talking all while keeping the big picture in mind.   After all, we’re all working toward the same goal(s).   It’s time to start working on solutions.   Let’s take all this energy and put it toward making this a better world.

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