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Occupy Venice + West Hollywood

December 21st, 2011 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps | Venice | West Hollywood - (Comments Off on Occupy Venice + West Hollywood)

We participated in Occupy Venice GA last night, where there was lots of networking on behalf of the movement. It’s amazing how much talent there is in each camp. One of our missions is working toward gaining more public access so that we can continue to spread word to the masses! It was really great to hear the Venice is working on producing 30 and 60 second spots to do exactly this.

OTR will be working with Todd (West Hollywood) and others to build an “Occupy Portal” – a place where all the Occupy’s can find each other, connect to individual Occupy websites, blog, ask questions, share videos and pictures. You’ll be able to see a “what’s happening” in each city with their calendars along with an area for sharing documents. We’re looking for anyone who would like to help build this site. Please send a message us with your contact information to if you have tech knowledge and we’ll set you up with Todd (L.A.) to start building :).