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Occupy L.A. + Bradley Manning Protest

December 20th, 2011 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Bradley Manning | Los Angeles | Occupy Camps - (Comments Off on Occupy L.A. + Bradley Manning Protest)

Bradley Manning Vigil L.A.

The march for supporting Bradley Manning was held in Pershing Square, downtown L.A.  and was attended by a hundred or so people.  5 minutes into the march a person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask was arresting for being on the street for longer than it took the officer to reach over and grab him (now known as J-Walking).   The LAPD’s attempt to intimidate and harass protestors remains strong.  Later in the evening a candlelight vigil was held for Bradley and the street in front of the court house where many protestors lined the sidewalks and steps with signs.  It wasn’t long before scores of LAPD were present and performing the same antagonistic tactics.   By provoking an otherwise peaceful crowd, they managed to arrest 7 more people.   The area next to the Court House was home to the original park for the Occupy LA camp which was fenced off after the occupiers were evicted.  The protestors decided the fence was a great place to hang their signs.  The police for some reason weren’t going to allow it.   They found more ammunition to, yet again, round up the “terrorists”!   It was a disgusting display of oppression and civil rights violations.    I don’t think they got the memo “WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY…….WE ARE THE 99% AND SO ARE YOU!”