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Occupy Ukiah, CA

December 9th, 2011 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps | Ukiah - (0 Comments)

Attended the Ukiah GA tonight and met up with  “Occupy” members at icup (internet cafe).   We watched the movie Walmart and while it wasn’t shocking it was definitely profound to see the amount of money they make and the little that goes back into their employees.   Walmart DOES cost us money.  They get loads of grants and take away local shops where sometimes people have worked for generations.   If you haven’t seen it you should.   We all like the great prices….but consider the real cost and try to shop local!    The town of Ukiah will be having a “Festive Demonstration at the site of proposed Walmart to protest.  They would like 200 people to come out to help educate the community.

Someone mentioned we should try to see Jim Lorrety on PBS who did a great show this morning on Occupy San Diego, Oklahoma City and Boise Idaho.

Ruth and her sister gave me the name “Peak Moment TV” as something to check out.  It’s put on by Janaia Donalson from Nevada City.   There is an organization called “Citizens for Sustainable Commerce” which is fighting to keep local jobs.

Annie Esposato writes for the Medicino County Independant and would like to keep in touch.   She told me Ukiah was a progressive town of about 19,000 in the city limits.   She mentioned the town fought against DDR a huge National Development Co. who wanted to put in a large mall and 750 upscale housing.  The people won!

Norman Soloman is running for congress and he is well supported by the Occupy group.  He has been very outspoken and supportive of the movement publicaly and has also attended meetings.   Everyone should help vote him in 🙂