Economic & Social Justice

Met Jack Law who was bike touring and landed in Eureka.  He was one of 31 that were arrested.  I was told no notice was given to disburse and that unlawful searches were performed by the Eureka Police Dept. who have been very aggressive in their mission to suppress the citizens speaking out or “occupying” space there.  This was done at 4:30 am on Dec. 15th.

Spoke with Martens Loren who had been in the camp since mid Oct..   He would like to see the camps continue because it’s a way to keep a local HQ meeting area. He felt Arcata was very progressive.  He too was arrested while protesting for “resisting arrest” and “camping” while outside the tent, when there were 3 others inside the tent who were not arrested.  Therefore he felt he was targeted.   He said the body search was bordering personal violation due to the nature of the “pat down” and the amount of time the police officer spent searching up and down his legs.   After arrest, he and another man were held handcuffed and locked in a closed vehicle which got uncomfortably warm, since it was 1:30 in the afternoon.   he was finally released at 7:30 p.m.

The GA was quite long and some proposals went round and round in stack for over an hour.   A few blocked the process and kept the conversation going far too long in my opinion.  The first proposal was for a 90% approval if full consensus could not be met.  The second proposal was recognizing the need to meet regularly and to be in “solidarity with OWS using non-violence for seeking social, economic and political justice.   In the end it was passed with removing the mention of non-violent protest and the reference to OWS.   Copy of the proposals in their entirety are available upon request.

After the GA we met with Peggy who saw lots of protesting in her day.  She was in Alabama during the civil rights movement when many black children were sprayed with a hose by those of “authority”.  She experienced first hand the protest on Vietman.   She talked about how power had corrupted Castro and that initially he was considered a “great model” for the country, but got caught up in the money and power and corruption in the end.  She lives in Eureka with her disabled son who relies on medical marijuana for comfort from his seizures.

Joint GA at the University (Humboldt County)

Jacob made t-shirts.  He’s trying to make enough to fund his trip to NY this summer