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Join the Caravan across the U.S.A!

November 8th, 2011 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Occupy Camps

We are 99% and it’s up to us to stand together as a unified movement.

Our mission is to identify and visit the Occupies throughout the United States, starting in Washington, and working our way through southern California, then across to Florida, and up through the eastern sea board, into New York City, to convene with Occupy Wall St.. There is no occupy too small to be incorporated into the movement. Our journey depends on the communication and support of the Occupies and their lessons along the route. Your communications help us to incorporate individuals and groups into the movement as a whole. The funds that are donated to our caravan will directly translate into gas and base expenses for the caravan.  All are welcome to contribute their words, from quotes to interviews – no one need be excluded.  If you wish to travel with us as a caravan, we encourage you to do so. We welcome your participation, at whatever level you desire. With solidarity for all; the Crew of Occupy the Roads~~~

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  • Hi, this is your friends who are on the RV headed for New York. We’ve started a caravan and want you to join us as we trek across the U.S.. We know you’re out there and want to keep the vision alive. If you see a Government without corruption and want to make your voice heard come follow us!

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