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Cinco de Mayo -Is now a protest!

May 1st, 2015 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Cinco de Mayo | Pueblo - (Comments Off)
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How fitting that the Cinco de Mayo Parade has become a protest & revolution.   The E.A.S.T. group feel they were  targeted by Eva Montoya and her “friend” Chief Velez (they assume he must be a buddy) who made unrealistic demands, regarding barriers, before they would issue a permit.  Without a permit schools or city officials cannot participate, but we do have a large amount of cars and we WILL be occupying the streets!

Faced with adversity over Cinco de Mayo

April 30th, 2015 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Cinco de Mayo | Pueblo - (Comments Off)
KOAA News 5 Team

It’s been extremely stressful for the group E.A.S.T. who are trying to pull together a Cinco de Mayo Parade for East Pueblo this year.  Back in March the City Council woman Eva Montoya (her alone) decided the parade would be cancelled because of construction at El Centro (the park where the ended last year).  The newly formed E.A.S.T. group with 31 members present decided the parade should forge ahead and a new route be used this year to accommodate this.  So, an organizing committee was formed and the work began, to set in motion a “Legendary Cinco de Mayo Parade -Car, Truck & Bike Show & Shine” event.   They wanted the parade to go east on 4th St. (a state hwy that runs through town) where we could easily make a right turn into a huge (very unused) park equipped with a lap road for the car show.   However, after obtaining an ok from CDOT to use the road, Chief Velez of Pueblo PD decided we were NOT going to use 4th St.  He was adamant that he stand firm on record saying NO. (more…)

League of Women Voters Presentation for OTR & OTR F

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LWV Luncheon April 13/15

Today I presented for the League of Women Voters luncheon on the topic of “Occupy the Roads (how it all started) and the Pueblo House (and our 3 houses in the works) under “Occupy the Roads Foundation”. (Janet)

How it started …The ‘V’ & Occupying roads!

Pueblo House and what we’ve been doing in Colorado! (more…)

A blast from the past!

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Paki Weiland & Crystal Zevon

Welcome to Pueblo Colorado Crystal Zevon and Paki Weiland who stopped in on their way back from the protest against drones last week. Plenty were occupying Vegas to protest Remax who sell Palestine land to Israel and then “Shut Down Creech Civil Resistance” a drone protest which took place March 6. It had been just about a year since Crystal was here last and she saw what Pueblo House looked like then and now. We’ve come along way since then. Our conversations lead us to plan a new (more…)

When is it enough?

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ANON singer posted on FB

This young man shares his song with the world.   There’s nothing good about war.  It sends brave young men and women into harms way and it’s usually for some resource needed by the rich.  In this day and age we should be bringing peace and love not violence.   (more…)

You can't evict an idea whose time has come.

A wonderful time was had roaming the streets of Truth or Consequences, Hatch and Deming, New Mexico and then into Arizona through Casa Grande.  Beautiful weather and some new friends met.   Felt real good to be back out in the streets.   (more…)

New faces in old places!

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The Kuri's

What a pleasure it was to meet Rebecca, her husband Jay and their son who came to visit us on the RV and share stories. They’re from Ft. Collins and also visiting TorC where they spotted the ‘V’ sitting at Artesian Hot Springs. Thank you for the cake, tea and chocolate.

Met some other great people like Elizabeth at the Riverbend Hot Springs.   (more…)

soaking up the sun in AZ

How exciting to be back occupying the roads!   Since just Dec. 21st we’ve been roaming the streets of southern Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona to soak up some sun and meet new people.

First we met James who dropped a box of food and drinks at our doorstep and then stopped by to give us some information.  Next we ran into a Cold War protestor named Mikey who shared a few of her stories. (more…)

The “V” loves a parade!

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Look who’s entered in the Pueblo Parade of Lights! We occupied some roads tonight in style!


We support the Walmart strikers!

November 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Occupy The Roads in Pueblo | Pueblo House | Walmart Protest - (Comments Off)
Walmart strikers

This Black Friday we need to send the Waltons a message. We can’t sit back while their workers go hungry any longer. And Walmart and the Waltons must stop taking illegal actions against Walmart workers who want to work hard and be able to provide for our families

To take action, join us at the north end Pueblo Walmart with a sign saying that you support the workers fighting for fair pay and respect, we’ll be taking picture of ourselves, to let the manager we support the workers’ cause. Walmart tracks all of these actions and they have a huge impact. There’s an example picture right below! (more…)