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Salvatore Pace and Janet Wilson

Fiesta Day Parade was fantastic this year! The streets were lined with tons of people…it was probably one of the most well attended parades in which we’d  participated. We got lots of cheers as we rolled though the streets, especially when people saw the revolutionary side of the ‘V’ where all the hero’s reside (thanks to Brett & Alais). We got lucky following a live band who played some great music as we rolled down the streets. Thanks to Salvatore Pace and John Camilli (more…)

She made the leap in Pueblo to join the race in a run for City Council District 2.   We need strong representation and it appeared that no one was stepping up (other than one guy who’d already been in council) so the wheels are in motion.  It’s critical that we have visionaries and doers to make positive change in Pueblo!

People with deep pockets



Usury Free Dollars are next on the agenda in Pueblo

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Thanks to our local (and amazing) artist Brett Jones we will have our own currency in Pueblo coming soon. He’s doing a great job mimicking the mural hero’s on the ‘V’ for the notes.

Check it out….


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Our guest Bob Ballard arrived from California and played guitar and sang along the Pueblo RiverWalk on Friday.  Pueblo House collaborated with Operation Paintbrush from NeighborWorks (who are fixing and painting  2 blocks of homes on the Eastside of Pueblo) to do a fundraiser.  Then, on Saturday he performed at “The Daily Grind” on Union Ave. where he gave another stellar performance.  Bob writes his own songs and you can’t help but find yourself humming and singing them long after the music stops. (more…)

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Check out this video of a Pueblo City Council meeting July 7th. While it’s a bit long (I didn’t edit any of the meeting itself) I wanted everyone to see and hear exactly what happened.  There’s no doubt, for who’s benefit this was done.  Pertinent information was input to show what “actually was said at the time or copies of documents to show the actual truth”,  Clearly they were  misinformed or deliberately lying. In the case of our city council person (more…)

Artists give the ‘V’ a makeover!

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We are in awe with the progress that’s taking place on the infamous ‘V’. It was a lot of work removing the mountains of tape which secured the posters on one side of the ‘V’.  No matter how hard we tried, keeping it in tact and looking nice was difficult. The weather had played its toll on it for the past months as it mainly sat (other than a couple day or weekend adventures & the odd protest) in the backyard of Pueblo House. No longer will the pieces of posters being flying off as we occupy the roads!   All the stickers ad  posters have been removed.  The artists Alais Clay (from Denver) and Brett Jones (from Utah) have painstakingly removed all traces of stickers, cleaned, scraped and sanded this beautiful beast and have now transformed it into a work of art for all to see.   Everyone around the Country will be able to enjoy for years to come.   We don’t know how to thank these artists enough.   (more…)

No, No…GMO protest

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It was a fantastic day to spread the news about Monsanto and let shoppers know what’s really up with their food. Some of course have no interest…even though they have no idea what your talking about, protesting and don’t care to know. But, those that honked, listened and cared were plentiful. Every year we reach more people to help the cause and this was no exception. (more…)

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How fitting that the Cinco de Mayo Parade has become such a controversial topic in Pueblo.  Fitting that it ended in a protest & revolt against the “establishment”.   The E.A.S.T. group feel they were  targeted by unrealistic, arbitrary demands, regarding barriers.  Who would possibly need 40 -6 ft high and 8ft wide barricades for a simple half hour parade extending 13 blocks.  Even the barricade companies stated that “we must have misunderstood the request” and that it was “overkill”.    But this was exactly what was being asked of us before the city of Pueblo would issue our permit (requested on March 17th).  The day before the parade the Chieftain newspaper made comment that no permit had been issued and that Janet said “I’m prepared to get arrested but the parade will go on”.   At last minute a barricade company offered to supply the barricades, but sadly they bailed last minute (no one knows why except that) Chief Velez stated the barricades “were not sufficient”.  So the parade went ahead without a permit and therefore schools, marching bands and city officials were all unable to participate in our ILLEGAL parade, where we did have a large amount of cars and we DID occupy the streets!  Overall the parade was a huge success and everyone had a good time.  The traffic was very accommodating and just before it started 4 men from Eastside who are well known came to help organize the cars/floats then lead the parade through the streets in good old fashion style.


Faced with adversity over Cinco de Mayo

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KOAA News 5 Team

It’s been extremely stressful for the group E.A.S.T. who are trying to pull together a Cinco de Mayo Parade for East Pueblo this year.  Back in March the City Council woman Eva Montoya (her alone) decided the parade would be cancelled because of construction at El Centro (the park where the ended last year).  The newly formed E.A.S.T. group with 31 members present decided the parade should forge ahead and a new route be used this year to accommodate this.  So, an organizing committee was formed and the work began, to set in motion a “Legendary Cinco de Mayo Parade -Car, Truck & Bike Show & Shine” event.   They wanted the parade to go east on 4th St. (a state hwy that runs through town) where we could easily make a right turn into a huge (very unused) park equipped with a lap road for the car show.   However, after obtaining an ok from CDOT to use the road, Chief Velez of Pueblo PD decided we were NOT going to use 4th St.  He was adamant that he stand firm on record saying NO. (more…)

League of Women Voters Presentation for OTR & OTR F

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LWV Luncheon April 13/15

Today I presented for the League of Women Voters luncheon on the topic of “Occupy the Roads (how it all started) and the Pueblo House (and our 3 houses in the works) under “Occupy the Roads Foundation”. (Janet)

How it started …The ‘V’ & Occupying roads!

Pueblo House and what we’ve been doing in Colorado! (more…)