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Rally Thursday evening at 5:30 in Pueblo

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Mexico Burns as Outrage over Student Disappearances!

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Protesters in the Mexican state of Guerrero have set fire to the local legislature as outrage spreads over the disappearance of 43 students. The students from Ayotzinapa teacher’s college have been missing for nearly seven weeks after they were ambushed by police. Unrest has intensified since Mexican Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam announced Friday that suspects in the case have admitted to killing the students and incinerating their bodies at a trash dump. More than 70 people have been arrested in the case, including the mayor of Iguala, who is accused of ordering the police attack ……see more on the story here:

Mexico Burns….story by Democracy Now

Remember, remember!

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recordar 05 de noviembre

Pueblo has its first Nov 5th march. The RV rolled through the streets of downtown tonight picking up friends along the way. We expect this to be the start of many future Nov. 5th marches. It’s exciting to see so many young people standing up against corruption!


On the road again!

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The “V” is headed to Moab, UT and having a little fun on the way with family for a week.  Stopped at the sand dunes overnight, then went to Durango today where we played outdoor Xylophones in a park.  Tomorrow on to Moab, UT to check thing sour.   Add another State to the list of 42 visited!

Occupying the Roads always feels good and especially meeting all the  wonderful people as we go. (more…)

MMM Nov 5

The March Against Corruption is an international campaign to raise awareness about the corrupting influence of money and special interests in governance and public policy making; to provide a forum for people, to organize and speak out against corruption; and to educate the public about the consequences of corruption.  …

Be sure to join in the Global Masked March in Pueblo on Nov. 5th and raise your voice about the corruption in politics.   No more bought politicians.   It’s time for a change in congress.  We need real people finding solutions for real problems.


Million Mask March Pueblo

Global March against Corruption

Focus on climate change

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In recent months many voices have called for larger, escalated action on climate change. We agree. At the beginning of November, as the election campaigns conclude, we call for multiple, consecutive days of climate direct action in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere. Vote we must, but we must do much more.

We hurtle toward a climate precipice with one foot occasionally, tentatively tapping the brake but the other simultaneously flooring the accelerator on our fossil-fueled economy. (from Popular Resistance)


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Last week updates from Pueblo & Trinidad, CO

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The "V" in Trinidad Colorado

We’d like to welcome Marcel Kuemmet who arrived last week to lend a hand fixing the Li’l stone house, where we’re building a future music and art space for kids on the Eastside of Pueblo.  We’re excited with all that’s been happening here to get us to the finish line with our music space.  We can’t wait until we can use it for Friday night open mic.

The “V” was in Trinidad, CO this past week for a the Southeast Regional Philanthropy Days.  Over 3 days we pitched our case for a grant so we could fund our vision of 3 functional houses all offering unique things.  The media house will be the most expensive to fix and we’ll definitely need grant help to make that happen.  If anyone knows of grant writers send them our way :-) (more…)

Remembering 9-11 and wondering.

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Twin towers

It’s amazing that so much information is available on the subject of 9-11 and yet so much is discarded as “conspiracy”, when in fact there are specialists, former government officials, etc. all of whom share their beliefs and facts on the subject.  Is it that the public are in such denial or naive that their minds won’t go there?  Is it that they (as one man stated honestly) cannot wrap their brains around these facts because then they’d have to “do something” about it?   If anyone could explain these facts with decent arguments it would be helpful, but how do you argue fact?    Here we are, 13 years later and still no one has been held accountable for this atrocity that flies in the face of “American Democracy”.  As Americans it’s our duty to question authority when there’s doubt, or we’re given substantial evidence of (more…)

CSU Orientation + Riverwalk Drumming Circle

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Met a whole lot of great people today at CSU student orientation. It was packed around noon and both Joe & I gave out hundreds of cards. We hope to have student volunteers joining us soon. We met musicians, artists, creative and passionate people who loved what we’re bringing to the east side. Great things are on its way and with the music and art space complete we’ll have another area for bringing people together to better the community.

We followed the day by joining a drumming circle on the river walk under the main st. bridge where many talented drummers gathered and what a sound they made!  The coordination of rhythm & beats was astounding.  Drummers came from CO Springs and Denver to participate.  We surely have a lot of talent locally.  Many have offered to play at Pueblo House and that’s wonderful.  We’re working hard to get the houses completed so we can start more programs for the kids. (more…)

Back with renewed vigor after a short family break.

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Today we decided to take up the offer Noemi put forward and go to visit Bishop’s castle which is in the mountains about 40 min. s/w from Pueblo. We decided to leave the overwhelming demands and world sadness behind to go find an adventure, and that we did. With the RV stocked up, we went to meet a long time anarchist who’s father (or grandfather) built the castle over 50 yrs ago. It’s had additions over the years and become quite a tourist attraction, equipped with a very cool gift shop with handmade crafted items. My camera was acting up and wouldn’t take more than 2 frames before freezing. It started acting up Thursday night when we went to the Scott Tipton (CO R-Rep) town hall meeting (straight from the airport and that’s another story of its own). Perhaps I smoked it while in Canada taking too many pics . Well it’s retired itself today. And all of you who know me can imagine how devastated I am right now. No pictures turned out but thankfully I had back ups with my phone camera so I could share this awesome experience. Tomorrow is another day and I will tackle it with vim & vigor or….just paint the heck out of something!  (Janet W) (more…)